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Riddler’s Moon (1998) DVD May 1, 2006

Posted by cultmovies in Drama & Romance, Sci-Fi.

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This is a very rare PAL format version of this movie.

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  • System: PAL
  • Length: 120 Mins
  • Audio: Dolby Stereo
  • Languages: English & Other
  • Subtitles: English & Other
  • Screen Aspect:  4×3 Full Screen

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  • Kate Mulgrew 
  • Corbin Bernsen
  • Danny Newman 

Directed by:

  • Don McBrearty

Plot Outline:

An Indiana widow (Kate Mulgrew) and her wheelchair bound son (Daniel Newman) live on a farm that has not produced crops for years. Suddenly the land becomes fertile and blossoms, but so do the neighbors imaginations. In fact, the reason for the sudden growth turns out to be extra-terrestrial.

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