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The Battle of Shaker Heights (2003) DVD July 22, 2006

Posted by cultmovies in Drama & Romance.

Our Price £12.99The Battle of Shaker Heights

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This is a very rare PAL format version of this movie.

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  • System: PAL / All Region
  • Length: 95 Mins
  • Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Languages: English & Other
  • Subtitles: Other
  • Screen Aspect: 4×3 Full Screen

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  • Shia LaBeouf
  • Elden Henson
  • Amy Smart

Directed by:

  • Efram Potelle
  • Kyle Rankin


A young war reenactor makes a friend on the battlefield who helps him use strategy to take on his high school enemy. Driven by newfound confidence, he seduces the friend’s fetching older sister and risks the friendship. Reality intervenes when the illness of his ex-addict father forces the anger his irony masks to the surface and he has to decide if staying in a fantasy world is worth the consequences.


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