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13th Child: Legend of the Jersey Devil (2002) DVD July 25, 2006

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Our Price £11.99Legend of the jersey devil DVD

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This is a very rare PAL format version of this movie.

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  • System: PAL / All Region
  • Length: 95 Mins
  • Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Languages: English & Other
  • Subtitles: Other
  • Screen Aspect: 4×3 Full Screen

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  • Cliff Robertson
  • Lesley-Anne Down
  • Christopher Atkins

Directed By:

  • Thomas Ashley
  • Steven Stockage


People are being killed by someone or something using superhuman strength. A clever DA Assistant is sent to investigate. Is this just a way to commit the perfect murder or will the legend of the Jersey Devil prove to be true?

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